About Kevin



Hello! My name is Kevin Leung and welcome to my website.

Born in Manhattan and raised in New Jersey, I am a proud alumni of the Rutgers School of Engineering Electrical and Computer Engineering department. I am striving to become a leader in the next generation of hardware evolution and product advancement. I have a concentration in lower level computer language and architecture/design. Everything including assembly language, FPGAs, C, C# and C++.

As a Microsoft Technical Evangelist based in Chicago, I am diving deep into the Internet of Things (IoT) which includes a huge spectrum of devices, gadgets and languages! I will blog on my projects, findings, revelations and most importantly my many challenges and roadblocks along the way. As well as my projects, I will be reaching out and becoming involved in the developer and student communities around Chicago to help foster the next generation of innovation!

In addition to my education as an engineer, I have a strong passion and background for the Fire and EMS service. I have been a volunteer for both my local Ambulance & Rescue Squad and Fire Department in New Jersey for about six years. I have gained valuable experience in both leadership and teamwork through my position as crew chief and firefighter. Being a part of a community that puts others above themselves has given me a great appreciation for life and the techniques used to secure the quality of life for others.

If you can’t find me in front of a computer, or in a firetruck or ambulance, I’m most likely enjoying the outdoors! I’m a huge skier, over 16 seasons, enjoy rock climbing and a bit of windsurfing. You’ll likely see posts about my adventures..

In my career, it is my goal to integrate these two passions of innovation and public safety in order to advance the technology of emergency medicine, fire science engineering and the overall preservation of the life, property and the environment.

Thanks for reading and please reach out to connect! I love networking and meeting new people and hearing their stories/projects. If I can help in any way, please let me know!



Email: keleung@microsoft.com | Twitter: @KSLHacks | GitHub: KSLHacks | LinkedIn: Kevin Sean Leung